Adoption & Waitlist

Adoption Process

We are so excited that you are considering adopting a new puppy from us! We have put lots of thought into our adoption process and have designed it to benefit us, you and of course our puppies.

Once we have confirmed a successful breeding we begin to advertise our upcoming litter. At this time we will take between 5-7 deposits per litter and put any remaining interested adoptees on a waitlist. 

bernedoodle adoption process

To be considered for adoption, you must first fill out and submit the puppy Inquiry form (below). Once that has been received we will be in touch to speak unperson via a phone call or video chat. We never accept deposits from adoptees who have not been properly vetted by us first. If you have been approved to move forward, I will send you the link to pay the deposit via Venmo, Zelle, or Apple Pay.

Deposits are taken on a first come first serve basis. The average litter size is 8-10 but we prefer not to over promise our litters because you never know what mother nature will give you and it’s devastating to you and us to have to inform you that there isn’t a puppy for you after you have paid a deposit.

If your name is on the wait list and you don’t end up with a puppy from the current litter, you will be given the option to be placed on the next waitlist for future litters and will be given 1st rights at placing a deposit on future confirmed litters.

Between weeks 5-6 we will schedule in-person visits to pick your puppy. At this time you will be asked to choose your puppy based on your pick position on the deposit/waitlist. Pick position is determined by the order in which the deposits come in. In other words, deposits are taken on a first come first serve basis. We move through the paid deposits and then onto the waitlist until all the puppies are spoken for.

Puppy Inquiry Form

Thank you so much for your interest in our dogs. We do our best to respond in a timely manor, but we ask that you please be patient with us as it may take a few days to respond. We look forward to our future conversations with you!

Amy & Bob