Bernese Mountain dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs

We Found Our Perfect Pet!

Once the dream of owning a farm started to turn into a reality, we were finally able to get the dog of our dreams – a Bernese Mountain Dog! There is just something special about owning a large breed dog, and we had our heart set on this particular breed.

If you haven’t already heard, the Bernese Mountain Dog is intelligent, loyal, gentle, and an extremely loving dog. We also love that they are a true farm dog. This was a perfect fit for us and I hope it is for you too. We knew with so many kids (and our own Grandkids), visiting the farm, these qualities were extremely important! We truly feel that we found the perfect pet in the Bernese Mountain Dog!

Our Bernese Family

We have several dogs in our MVF “family”, even though they don’t all live on the farm with us.  We have very close relationships with amazing families who have joint ownership and partner with us when we decide we’re ready to have a litter of pups.  Our Guardian families are thoroughly vetted and we make sure that all our dogs are living their best lives with their families.

We make sure to test all our dogs to ensure that they are the healthiest they can be before we breed them.

We use PawPrint Genetics to test for Von Willebrand Disease and both types of Degenerative Myelopathy.

We also test hips, elbows, & eyes through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to ensure that there is no hip or elbow dysplasia evident before breeding and that their eyes show no signs of any disease or irregularities.


Penny is the OG of the farm. She is the reason we now have so many Bernese! She is 4 years old. She’s a 100 lb lap dog who loves spending time with her people. You most likely will find her sunning herself on the deck while keeping an eye on the younger generations.


Murphy is the man of the house! He LOVES his girls almost as much as he loves to have is ears scratched. He weighs in at 100lbs. He loves to parole the farm and alert us to any visitors, delivery people, or little fury intruders that look suspiciously like squirrels.

Haylee - retired

Our sweet Haylee has been retired.  She now lives with her forever family.  She gets to goes on long hikes and visits the horses everyday. 

Millie - Guardian home

Millie is our nutty teenager! She’s almost 2yrs, a bit on the smaller side weighing 75 lbs but makes up for it with personality. She is eternally happy and never suffers from the occasional “moodiness” that usually afflicts so many humans her age. She always greets you with a squeal and gentle kisses when you get home. Millie is living her best dog life with one of our AMAZING guardian families who shower her with love and affection!

Elouise - Guardian home

Elouise is another one of our beautiful, loving Bernese teenagers. She is still coming into her own. She is figuring out how to be the best Bernese she can be living with her AMAZING guardian family. She gets to spend her days playing with kids, hiking with mom and soaking up the sun.  

Josie - Guardian home

Josie is 2 years old and is medium sized at 85 lbs and has a gorgeous Bernese coat. She is lucky enough to live with a guardian family who gives her so much love and attention everyday.  She plays with little ones, makes rounds on the farm to check on the animals, and likes to play hide and seek with the family.  She is so happy to see her big people when they come home that she literally greets them with a big toothy grin! Its the best thing ever!

Bernese Puppies

We occasionally have puppies available for sale.  We work closely with our guardian families to ensure that the health of the mama and puppies are strictly monitored to provide puppies who are healthy as well as highly socialized, and good tempered.  

The adoption fee for our Bernese puppies is $2800 with a $500 deposit once a litter has been born.  

For more information about future litters please call or text Amy at 541-556-9310 or email Amy at